"Your contribution raised the bar of our language appropriateness and consistency, improved user experience, and ensured the engineers' features' delivery on time."

"You made an impact on privacy work and often moved mountains to meet the shifting demands, deadlines, and requirements."

"You are so thoughtful and collaborative and insightful and PLEASANT to work with."

"You brought several hard-hitting questions to the companion app design team that highlighted important design decisions that needed to be made. Subsequently, the team focused more on understanding these areas, and research has been planned to follow up on them."

"My first experience working with Varda was partnering on a heavily data-driven and technically dense feature. Varda immediately took the lead on defining the end-to-end design and development process, which helped the team move quickly and efficiently."

"Varda was a tireless advocate for the user, making sure the team focused on how people would be interacting with the experience."

"Varda is an excellent collaborator who works effectively when in close partnership with other designers to impact the entirety of the experience."

"You've definitely worked harder than any other content designer I've worked with."

"It's not just Varda's writing skills that impress me. Varda was a joy to work with because of her contagiously positive attitude and eagerness to stick to deadlines. However, no matter how tight the timelines, she devoted herself to building trust with her teammates and met regularly to refine processes, onboarding new team members with grace."

"Varda, you are one of the the most thoughtful and collaborative design partners I've ever had ... like seriously ever. Our team is LUCKY to have you."
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